Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy Treatment Room in Wincanton, Somerset BA9 8LP

“Belinda’s craniosacral treatments are deeply balancing and healing”.

“I have always experienced transformative change and release during my sessions with her”.

“I cannot recommend her highly enough”.

“I have had regular craniosacral therapy sessions with Belinda for over a year and she is astonishingly gifted”.

“Belinda is deeply intuitive, kind, wise, empathic, and naturally endowed with healing capabilities”.

“I feel more whole, more present, more free, and more connected to myself since working with Belinda”.

“She expertly connects with energetic imbalances that are then gently released”.

“I always feel transformed at the end of a session, with a sense that my whole energy field has been heard and nurtured”.

“I have been to many healers over several decades and I can truly say Belinda is the best”!

“I highly recommend a session. You will not regret it”!

“Belinda is warm, welcoming and friendly, and put me at ease from the first session”.

“After the first session my pain and discomfort had lessened substantially”.