“Belinda’s craniosacral treatments are deeply balancing and healing. She is wonderfully empathetic, warm and caring and I have always experienced transformative change and release during my sessions with her. I cannot recommend her highly enough”. Alison

“I have had regular craniosacral therapy sessions with Belinda for over a year and she is astonishingly gifted. When she places her hands on me, I enter into deep states of peace and I always leave her practice knowing that something profound has taken place. The work with her has long-lasting effects – sometimes these are subtle, sometimes immediate and obvious. I always notice things change in my life around issues that I have taken to sessions; these shifts can be on physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual levels. Belinda is deeply intuitive, kind, wise, empathic, and naturally endowed with healing capabilities. She can perceive exactly where she needs to work on a client’s body to bring about transformation and picks up on messages that guide her to what is required. I feel more whole, more present, more free, and more connected to myself since working with Belinda. Her skills are true medicine and I wholeheartedly recommend her”! Mariella

“A treatment with Belinda is a truly magical experience. Surrendering to the safe energetic container she creates encourages a deep sense of calm and peace. She expertly connects with energetic imbalances that are then gently released. I always feel transformed at the end of a session, with a sense that my whole energy field has been heard and nurtured”. Mary Anne

“I have been to many healers over several decades and I can truly say Belinda is the best! Her gentle yet powerful healing abilities are truly amazing! Belinda can help you shine light and insight into areas where there may be confusion or blockages. I have worked with her remotely and I cannot say enough about her gifts. I highly recommend a session. You will not regret it”! Christine

“I have had four treatments with Belinda, she is a wonderful practitioner, soothing, kind and very responsive to the specific needs of my system. Her treatment room in Crouch End is beautiful and has a lovely atmosphere. I definitely recommend you book a treatment with her”! Linda

“I asked Belinda to help with a chronic sinusitis problem I had had for years. During the session I could feel a tingling in my sinuses as Belinda gently held my face. It felt like an internal massage behind my nose and eyes. Since then, my sinuses have been much clearer and it’s easier to breathe through my nose. Thank you so much Belinda”! Tracy

“I came to Belinda after experiencing a fall and injuring my lower back and elbow. Belinda is warm, welcoming and friendly, and put me at ease from the first session. She was able to intuitively locate and attend to the places in my body where I most needed healing. After the first session my pain and discomfort had lessened substantially”. Mark